Cactus Tenerife

We are a company in Tenerife cultivating Euphorbias and Cacti. We started to cultivate those amazing plants on an ideal spot on the island of Tenerife in order to provide the most beautiful examples.

The finca’s exposure to the atlantic ocean and ideal climatic conditions allows us to grow Euphorbias, Euphorbias Ingens and cacti of exceptional quality. Please contact us for information on competitive prices, container shipment and more.




Euphorbias are known for their appealing look. They are indispensable elements for avangardistic interior decoration which provide an exotic touch.

Euphorbia Ingens

Euphorbias Ingens enjoy growing popularity across the globe and as indoor decoration. Their characteristic upright structure and intense green color continues to catch the eye. Euphorbia ingens is an indispensable element for any interior gardening.


Cacti are extraordinarily diverse in form. Their eccentric looks make them to elements conveying contemporary characteristics across apartments, gardens, hotels, restaurants and office spaces. Definitely a safe choice for organic eye candy.




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